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  • Adapts to your child’s proficiency level
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A Few of Our 10,000+ Happy Parents

"See how parents across India trust GlobalShiksha to build strong foundation for their child and change the way they learn."

"I like how my report card shows,in real-time, my strengths and the areas in which I need to improve. The skills are completely aligned to the syllabus that is being taught at school."
IMG  Rajkumar, Kerala
"Since the time I have started using GlobalShiksha, I have become more patient while working out maths problems and avoid silly mistakes. The real time feedback is helping me avoid occassional wrong multiplication, missing carry-over or rounding that could affect my marks. Because of GlobalShiksha, I am getting the grades that I deserve and most of the times even better grades. My silly mistakes have reduced drastically."
IMG  Aradhya, Pune
"My son was lagging behind in the class as he joined the session late. Thanks to GlobalShiksha website, which not only provided comprehensive coverage for all the topics being taught in the class, but also provided variety of question templates for each skill that boosted my son's confidence and his comprehension in the class."
IMG  Vanita, Bangalore
"I bought subscription to GlobalShiksha before the beginning of my daughter's session. I can see that she has mastered basic skills such as addition and subtraction even before those topics were started at the school. She is able to answer well in class and that has tremendously boosted her confidence in school."
IMG  Vidya, Delhi
"I love the analytics provided by GlobalShiksha. It is similar to the report card being provided at school, but more. The grades are provided real time and not at the end of the semester. This helps me understand my kid's strengths and weakness, and I make him practice more on the topic in which he is weaker."
IMG  Akalendra, AP
"The GlobalShiksha website is highly interactive. This game like interface piques the interest of my child, keeps him engaged and creates a lot of fun and excitement for him."
IMG  Anshika, Ranchi