UKG evs

Here is a list of all the evs skills students learn in Ukg! These skills are organized into topics and sub-topics and are based on the National Curriculum. Click on any link to start practicing.GlobalShiksha will provide real time score and the difficulty of the questions will increase as you improve.

  1. A.1  Air    
  2. A.2  Water    
  3. A.3  Flowers    
  4. A.4  Plants    
Living things and Non living things
  1. B.1  Living things    
  2. B.2  Non living things    
  1. C.1  Animal's body parts    
  2. C.2  Animal's and their young ones    
  3. C.3  Birds    
  4. C.4  Insects    
  5. C.5  Animals and their food    
  6. C.6  Animals and their home    
  1. D.1  Means of transport    
  2. D.2  Traffic rules    
  1. E.1  Weather    
  2. E.2  Summer    
  3. E.3  Winter    
  4. E.4  Rainy    
  1. F.1  Vegetables    
  2. F.2  Fruits    
Human body
  1. G.1  Our body    
  2. G.2  Use of different body part    
  3. G.3  Sense organ    
  1. H.1  Different festivals    
  1. I.1  Days of the week    
  2. I.2  Month of the year    
  1. J.1  My family    
  2. J.2  My school    
  3. J.3  Good habits    
  4. J.4  People who help us    
National Symbols
  1. K.1  Our national symbols    
Keeping clean
  1. L.1  Keeping clean yourself    
Places to visit
  1. M.1  Public places    
  1. N.1  Opposite words