LKG english

Here is a list of all the english skills students learn in Lkg! These skills are organized into topics and sub-topics and are based on the National Curriculum. Click on any link to start practicing.GlobalShiksha will provide real time score and the difficulty of the questions will increase as you improve.

Pre writing Strokes
  1. A.1  Standing line    
  2. A.2  Sleeping line    
  3. A.3  Left slanting line    
  4. A.4  Right slanting line    
  5. A.5  Left curve    
  6. A.6  Down curve    
  7. A.7  Right curve    
  8. A.8  Up curve    
  9. A.9  Primary colors    
Capital letters A-Z
  1. B.1  Identification    
  2. B.2  Objects related to each letter    
Small letters a-z
  1. C.1  Identification    
  2. C.2  Objects related to each letter    
  3. C.3  Matching capital and small letters    
  4. C.4  Vowels and consonants    
Part of speech
  1. D.1  Singular plural    
  2. D.2  Use number words: one to five    
  3. D.3  Odd one out    
  4. D.4  Identify colours    
  5. D.5  Use number words: six to ten    
  6. D.6  Use colour words    
  1. E.1  Letters a to z    
  2. E.2  Identify the first letter of the object    
  3. E.3  Find the lowercase letter in the alphabet    
  4. E.4  Find the uppercase letter in the alphabet    
  5. E.5  Choose the lowercase letter that matches    
  6. E.6  Choose the uppercase letter that matches    
  7. E.7  Frequently confused letters:find the letter    
Sight words
  1. K.1  Choose the sight word that you hear    
Blending and segmenting
  1. L.1  Identify the first sound in a word.    
Word relationships
  1. M.1  Match antonyms to sound.    
  2. M.2  Which one is not like the others.