class 6 english

Here is a list of all the english skills students learn in Class 6! These skills are organized into topics and sub-topics and are based on the National Curriculum. Click on any link to start practicing.GlobalShiksha will provide real time score and the difficulty of the questions will increase as you improve.

  1. A.1  Present tense    
  2. A.2  Past tense    
  3. A.3  Future tense    
Parts of Speech
  1. B.1  Noun    
  2. B.2  Adjective    
  3. B.3  Articles    
  4. B.4  Pronoun    
  5. B.5  Verb    
  6. B.6  Adverb    
  7. B.7  Preposition    
  8. B.8  Conjunction    
  9. B.9  Interjection    
  1. C.1  Common noun    
  2. C.2  Proper noun    
  3. C.3  Collective noun    
  4. C.4  Abstract noun    
  5. C.5  Countable and uncountable noun    
  1. D.1  Helping verb and main verb    
  1. E.1  Adjective of quality    
  2. E.2  Adjective of quantity    
  3. E.3  Adjective of number    
  4. E.4  Interrogative adjective    
  5. E.5  Demonstrative adjective    
  1. F.1  Personal pronouns    
  2. F.2  Demonstrative pronoun    
  3. F.3  Reflexive pronoun    
  4. F.4  Indefinite pronouns    
  5. F.5  Interrogative pronoun    
  6. F.6  Relative pronouns    
  1. G.1  Uses of articles    
  1. H.1  Adverbs of manner    
  2. H.2  Adverb of time    
  3. H.3  Adverb of place    
  4. H.4  Adverb of frequency    
  1. I.1  Independent clauses    
  2. I.2  Dependent or subordinate clauses    
Modal Verbs
  1. J.1  Uses of modals    
Prepositions, Conjunctions and Interjection
  1. K.1  Uses of preposition    
  2. K.2  Uses of conjunction    
  3. K.3  Uses of interjection    
Reported Speech
  1. L.1  Direct and indirect speech    
Contractions and question tags
  1. M.1  Contractions    
  2. M.2  Question tags    
Sentences and its types
  1. N.1  Simple or declarative sentence    
  2. N.2  Command or imperative sentence    
  3. N.3  Question or interrogative sentence    
  4. N.4  Exclamatory sentence    
Prefixes and Suffix
  1. O.1  Prefix    
  2. O.2  Suffix    
  1. P.1  Use of correct punctuation    
  1. Q.1  Homophones