class 5 maths

Here is a list of all the maths skills students learn in Class 5! These skills are organized into topics and sub-topics and are based on the National Curriculum. Click on any link to start practicing.GlobalShiksha will provide real time score and the difficulty of the questions will increase as you improve.

Place values and number sense
  1. A.1  Place values    
  2. A.2  Convert between place values    
  3. A.3  Word names for numbers    
  4. A.4  Rounding    
  5. A.5  Even or odd: arithmetic rules    
  6. A.6  Comparing numbers    
  7. A.7  Roman numbers    
  8. A.8  Identify place value by picture    
Operations on Numbers
  1. B.1  Introduction to operations on number    
  2. B.2  Addition and subtraction    
  3. B.3  Properties of addition    
  4. B.4  Multiplication and division    
  5. B.5  Fill in the missing number    
  6. B.6  Properties of multiplication    
  7. B.7  Word problems    
Multiples and Factors
  1. C.1  Introduction to multiple and factor    
  2. C.2  Rules of divisibility    
  3. C.3  Prime and composite numbers    
  4. C.4  Prime factorization    
  5. C.5  Highest common factor    
  6. C.6  Lowest common multiple    
  1. D.1  Introduction to fractions    
  2. D.2  Finding equivalent fractions    
  3. D.3  Addition of unlike fraction and mixed numbers    
  4. D.4  Subtraction of unlike fraction and mixed numbers    
  5. D.5  Multiplying fractions    
  1. E.1  Introduction to decimals    
  2. E.2  Understanding decimals expressed in words    
  3. E.3  Converting fractions to decimals    
  4. E.4  Equivalent decimals    
  5. E.5  Comparing and ordering decimals    
  6. E.6  Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of decimals    
  7. E.7  Multiplying and dividing decimals by 10 and 100    
  8. E.8  What decimal number is illustrated?    
  9. E.9  Which decimal is greater than the one shown in this diagram    
  1. F.1  Percentage    
  2. F.2  Conversion of fractions and decimals into percentage    
Unitary Method
  1. G.1  Unitary method    
  1. H.1  Money    
  1. I.1  Understanding triangles    
  1. J.1  Understanding circles    
Profit and Loss
  1. K.1  Introduction to profit and loss    
Measurement of Length
  1. L.1  Introduction to measurement of length    
  2. L.2  Centimetre and millimetre    
  3. L.3  Usage of units    
Time and Temperature
  1. M.1  Introduction to time and temperature    
  2. M.2  Finding the starting time or finishing time    
  3. M.3  Convert time units    
  4. M.4  Convert temperature units    
Lines and Angles
  1. N.1  Introduction to shapes and angles    
  2. N.2  Identifying angles    
  3. N.3  Lines    
  4. N.4  Understanding angles    
  5. N.5  Types of angles    
Area and Perimeter
  1. O.1  Introduction to area and perimeter    
  2. O.2  Area of a triangle    
  3. O.3  Area of irregular shapes    
  4. O.4  Relationship between area and perimeter    
  5. O.5  Volume of figures made of unit cubes    
Data and graphs
  1. P.1  Interpret line graphs    
  2. P.2  Interpret pictographs    
  3. P.3  Interpret bar graphs    
  4. P.4  Compare numbers    
  5. P.5  Interpret histograms