class 5 evs

Here is a list of all the evs skills students learn in Class 5! These skills are organized into topics and sub-topics and are based on the National Curriculum. Click on any link to start practicing.GlobalShiksha will provide real time score and the difficulty of the questions will increase as you improve.

Growing food
  1. A.1  Introduction to crops and grains    
  2. A.2  Understanding soil and crops    
  3. A.3  Germination    
Plant life
  1. B.1  Knowledge of plants    
  2. B.2  Fruits and vegetables    
  3. B.3  Fruits and seed    
Animal Kingdom
  1. C.1  Knowledge of animal kingdom    
  2. C.2  Features of animals and birds    
  3. C.3  Endangered animals    
  4. C.4  Interdependency    
Human body
  1. D.1  Parts of human body    
  2. D.2  Function of the human body    
  3. D.3  Understanding diseases    
Food and nutrition
  1. E.1  Food-the essence of life    
  1. F.1  Introduction to rocks    
  2. F.2  Uses of rocks and minerals    
  3. F.3  Understanding land forms    
Energy Resources
  1. G.1  Understanding resources    
  2. G.2  Understanding our enviornment    
  3. G.3  Forms of energy and its uses    
  4. G.4  Energy and its sources    
Simple Machine
  1. H.1  Concept of simple machine    
  2. H.2  Understanding simple machine    
  3. H.3  Understanding force    
  4. H.4  Understanding machine and friction    
Natural Calamity
  1. I.1  Understanding causes of natural disasters    
  2. I.2  Causes and effects of natural calamities    
  1. J.1  Air and its uses    
  2. J.2  Properties of air    
  1. K.1  Introduction to light    
  2. K.2  Properties of light    
  1. L.1  Understanding matter    
  2. L.2  Details of matter    
  1. M.1  Understanding the formation of shadows    
  2. M.2  Eclipses and shadows    
  1. N.1  Understanding waste management    
  2. N.2  Co-existence of living organisms