class 4 maths

Here is a list of all the maths skills students learn in Class 4! These skills are organized into topics and sub-topics and are based on the National Curriculum. Click on any link to start practicing.GlobalShiksha will provide real time score and the difficulty of the questions will increase as you improve.

  1. A.1  Introduction to numbers    
  2. A.2  5 digit numbers    
  3. A.3  Comparing numbers    
  4. A.4  Forming greatest and smallest numbers    
  5. A.5  Roman numerals    
  6. A.6  Rounding numbers    
  7. A.7  Decimals    
  8. A.8  Compact and expanded form    
  9. A.9  Predecessor and successor of a number    
  10. A.10  Even and odd numbers    
Arithmetic Operations on Numbers
  1. B.1  Addition    
  2. B.2  Subtraction    
  3. B.3  Multiplication    
  4. B.4  Division    
  5. B.5  Mixed problems    
  1. C.1  Introduction to fractions    
Introduction to Decimals
  1. D.1  Reading decimals and place value    
  2. D.2  Conversion and operations on decimals    
Whole Numbers
  1. E.1  Introduction to whole numbers    
  2. E.2  Multiples of a number    
  3. E.3  Factors    
  4. E.4  Hcf    
  5. E.5  Lcm    
  6. E.6  Prime and composite numbers    
  1. F.1  Money    
Time and Date
  1. G.1  Introduction to time and date    
  2. G.2  Learning to read time from a clock    
  3. G.3  Review of time and date    
Unitary Method
  1. H.1  Intoduction to unitary method    
  2. H.2  Unitary method -time    
  3. H.3  Unitary method -measures    
  4. H.4  Unitary method -money    
Data and graphs
  1. I.1  Interpret line graphs    
  2. I.2  Interpret bar graphs    
  3. I.3  Read a table    
  1. J.1  Introduction to circle    
  2. J.2  Circles in everyday life    
  3. J.3  Radius of circle    
  4. J.4  Centre of the circle    
  5. J.5  Review of circle    
Perimeter and Area
  1. K.1  Introduction to fields and fences    
  2. K.2  Circle boundary    
  3. K.3  Problems and puzzles using boundary concept    
Matric measure
  1. L.1  Measurement    
  1. M.1  Introduction to geometry    
  2. M.2  Angles    
  3. M.3  Closed and open figures    
  4. M.4  Types of angles    
  1. N.1  Identify multiplication expressions for arrays    
Place Value
  1. O.1  Identify place value by picture    
  2. O.2  Compare numbers    
  1. P.1  Identify the line of symmetry