class 4 evs

Here is a list of all the evs skills students learn in Class 4! These skills are organized into topics and sub-topics and are based on the National Curriculum. Click on any link to start practicing.GlobalShiksha will provide real time score and the difficulty of the questions will increase as you improve.

Living Varities
  1. A.1  Living and non living things    
  2. A.2  Understanding living things    
Plants life
  1. B.1  Uses of plant    
  2. B.2  Plant and their functions    
  3. B.3  Plant kingdom    
  4. B.4  Adapations of plants    
Animal life
  1. C.1  Animal kingdom    
  2. C.2  Animal reproduction    
  3. C.3  Insects    
  4. C.4  Birds    
The Human Body
  1. D.1  Our internal organs    
  2. D.2  Understanding human body    
  3. D.3  Food and digestion    
Food and Nutrition
  1. E.1  Food pyramid    
  2. E.2  Understanding the need of food    
  1. F.1  Good care of clothes    
Safety and First Aid
  1. G.1  The safety rules    
  2. G.2  Understanding the need of safety    
Our Enviornment
  1. H.1  Air,water and weather    
  2. H.2  Pollution    
Our Universe
  1. I.1  Earth and the sun    
  2. I.2  The solar system    
Force,Work and Energy
  1. J.1  Importance of energy    
  2. J.2  Energy and work    
  1. K.1  Matter and material    
  2. K.2  Properties of substance    
Service to Society
  1. L.1  Inculating good habits    
Weather and Climate
  1. M.1  Understanding weather and climate    
  2. M.2  Water cycle    
Conservation of Water
  1. N.1  Understanding the value of water    
Transport and Communication
  1. O.1  Understanding transport and communication    
  1. P.1  Importance of soil    
  2. P.2  Rock,soil and mineral    
National Festivals
  1. Q.1  Understanding national festivals    
  2. Q.2  Ladies of our country    
Teeth and Microbes
  1. R.1  Knowledge about teeth and microbes    
Globe-Continents and Oceans
  1. S.1  Knowledge of continents and oceans