class 3 maths

Here is a list of all the maths skills students learn in Class 3! These skills are organized into topics and sub-topics and are based on the National Curriculum. Click on any link to start practicing.GlobalShiksha will provide real time score and the difficulty of the questions will increase as you improve.

Number system
  1. A.1  Compact and expanded form    
  2. A.2  Number names    
  3. A.3  Place value    
  4. A.4  Comparing numbers greater/lesser/equal to    
  5. A.5  Rounding off    
  6. A.6  Roman numerals    
  7. A.7  Ascending and descending order    
  8. A.8  After before in between    
  9. A.9  Even and odd    
  10. A.10  Skip-counting puzzles    
  11. A.11  Number sequences    
  12. A.12  Put numbers in order    
  1. B.1  Introduction to addition    
  2. B.2  Doing addition    
  3. B.3  Addition of triple digit numbers    
  4. B.4  Addition made easy    
  5. B.5  Addition -word problem    
  1. C.1  Introduction to subtraction    
  2. C.2  Doing subtraction    
  3. C.3  Review of subtraction    
  4. C.4  Subtraction - with borrowing    
  5. C.5  Subtraction - word problem    
  1. D.1  Introduction to multiplication    
  2. D.2  Simple multiplication    
  3. D.3  Multiply numbers ending in zeroes    
  4. D.4  Multiply one-digit numbers by two-digit numbers    
  5. D.5  Multiplication word problems    
  1. E.1  Introduction to division    
  2. E.2  Concepts of division    
  3. E.3  Learning division    
  4. E.4  Division with two digit number    
  5. E.5  Division word problems    
  1. F.1  Introduction to fraction/parts and whole    
  2. F.2  Read the fractions    
  3. F.3  Comparision of fraction    
  4. F.4  Finding fractions    
  5. F.5  Addition of like fractions    
  6. F.6  Subtraction of like fractions    
Time and Date
  1. G.1  Introduction to time    
  2. G.2  Time taken for a task    
  3. G.3  Clock reading    
  4. G.4  Conversion of time    
  5. G.5  Concept of a.m and p.m    
  6. G.6  Read a calender    
  7. G.7  Match digital clocks and times    
Rupees and Paise
  1. H.1  Introduction to rupees and paise    
  2. H.2  Addition and subtraction using money    
  3. H.3  Review of rupees and paise    
  4. H.4  Multiplication and division using money    
Introduction to Geometry
  1. I.1  Basic geometrical concepts    
  2. I.2  Symmetry    
  3. I.3  Reflection, rotation and translation    
  4. I.4  Map    
  5. I.5  Venn diagram    
  6. I.6  Interpret line plots    
Measurement of Length
  1. J.1  Introduction to measurement of length    
  2. J.2  Calculating distance    
Measurement of Mass
  1. K.1  Introduction to measurement of mass    
  2. K.2  Weights and balances    
Measurement of Capacity
  1. L.1  Introduction to measurement of capacity    
  2. L.2  Basic operations on measurement of capacity    
  3. L.3  Measurement of capacity word problems    
Logical reasoning
  1. M.1  Mental ability and reasoning    
  1. N.1  More, less and equally likely    
Data and graphs
  1. O.1  Interpret line graphs    
  2. O.2  Compare numbers