class 3 english

Here is a list of all the english skills students learn in Class 3! These skills are organized into topics and sub-topics and are based on the National Curriculum. Click on any link to start practicing.GlobalShiksha will provide real time score and the difficulty of the questions will increase as you improve.

  1. A.1  Identifying preposition    
  2. A.2  Practising preposition    
  3. A.3  Uses of preposition    
  1. B.1  Introduction    
  2. B.2  Common and proper noun    
  3. B.3  Collective noun    
  4. B.4  Abstract noun    
  5. B.5  Singular and plural noun    
  6. B.6  Countable and uncountable noun    
  7. B.7  Gender    
  8. B.8  Identify plurals, singular possessives and plural possessives    
  1. C.1  Understanding verb    
  2. C.2  Practising verb    
  3. C.3  Use of has/have    
  4. C.4  Use action verbs    
  5. C.5  Identifying main verbs and helping verbs    
  1. D.1  Identifying tenses    
  2. D.2  Usage of tenses    
  3. D.3  Use of present tense    
  4. D.4  Use of past tense    
  5. D.5  Use of future tense    
  1. E.1  Identification of adjective    
  2. E.2  Degree of comparision    
  3. E.3  Adjective of quality    
  1. F.1  Types of pronouns    
  2. F.2  Indefinate pronouns    
  3. F.3  Relative pronoun    
  4. F.4  Use possessive pronoun    
  5. F.5  Choose between personal and reflexive pronouns    
Conjunction and Interjection
  1. G.1  Use of conjunction    
  2. G.2  Introduction of interjection    
  1. H.1  Practising adverbs    
  2. H.2  Kinds of adverb    
  3. H.3  Is the word an adjective or adverb ?    
  1. I.1  Simile    
Antonym and Synonym
  1. J.1  Identifying antonyms    
  2. J.2  Identifying synonyms    
  1. K.1  How many syllables does the word have    
  2. K.2  Which word has more syllables    
Silent Letters
  1. L.1  Identifying silent letter in words    
People and their work
  1. M.1  Community helpers    
  1. N.1  Use of homophones    
  2. N.2  Homophones with pictures    
  1. O.1  Identification of sentence    
  2. O.2  Part of sentence    
  3. O.3  Kinds of sentence    
  1. P.1  Vowels and consonants    
  2. P.2  Use the correct articles:a,an or the    
  1. Q.1  Improving vocabulary    
  2. Q.2  Stimulating dictionary reading    
  1. R.1  Pronoun-verb contractions    
  2. R.2  Contractions with "not"    
  1. S.1  Capitalise the names of people and pets    
  2. S.2  Capitalise the names of days and month    
  3. S.3  Capitalise the pronoun    
Diphthongs: oi, oy, ou, ow
  1. T.1  Choose the diphthong word that matches the picture