class 1 evs

Here is a list of all the evs skills students learn in Class 1! These skills are organized into topics and sub-topics and are based on the National Curriculum. Click on any link to start practicing.GlobalShiksha will provide real time score and the difficulty of the questions will increase as you improve.

Living things and non living things
  1. A.1  Characteristics of living things    
  2. A.2  Characteristics of non living things    
  3. A.3  Natural and man made things    
  1. B.1  The plant kingdom    
  2. B.2  Different types of plants    
  3. B.3  Uses of plants    
  1. C.1  The animal kingdom    
  2. C.2  Classification of animals    
  3. C.3  Wild and domestic animals    
  4. C.4  Homes of animals    
  5. C.5  Animal and their babies    
  6. C.6  Animal and their uses    
My body
  1. D.1  Different body parts    
  2. D.2  Functions of body parts    
  3. D.3  Our sense organs    
  1. E.1  Importance of food    
  2. E.2  Sources of food    
  3. E.3  Healthy and unhealthy food    
  4. E.4  Taste of food    
  5. E.5  Fruits and vegetables    
  1. F.1  Importance of house    
  2. F.2  Types of house    
Health and Hygiene
  1. G.1  Good habits    
  2. G.2  Importance of good habits    
  3. G.3  Keeping clean    
Air, Water and Weather
  1. H.1  Air and water    
  2. H.2  Uses of air and water    
  3. H.3  Different types of seasons    
People who help us
  1. I.1  Community helpers    
  2. I.2  Importance of community helpers    
  1. J.1  Different types of festivals    
  2. J.2  Identify festivals    
  1. K.1  Mode of transport    
  2. K.2  Different means of transport    
  1. L.1  Solid    
  2. L.2  Liquid    
  3. L.3  Gas    
  1. M.1  My family    
  2. M.2  My school    
  1. N.1  Indoor games    
  2. N.2  Outdoor games