class 1 english

Here is a list of all the english skills students learn in Class 1! These skills are organized into topics and sub-topics and are based on the National Curriculum. Click on any link to start practicing.GlobalShiksha will provide real time score and the difficulty of the questions will increase as you improve.

  1. A.1  Use of articles    
  2. A.2  Proper usage of articles    
  3. A.3  Identify articles    
  4. A.4  Use the correct article: a or an    
  1. B.1  Identify statements    
  2. B.2  Identify questions    
  3. B.3  Identify exclamations    
  4. B.4  Identify commands    
  5. B.5  Choose the right end mark    
  6. B.6  Statement, question, command or exclamation?    
  7. B.7  Who, what, when, where and why?    
  8. B.8  Naming or action part    
  9. B.9  Complete the sentence with correct short vowel word    
  10. B.10  Conjunctions    
  11. B.11  Find the complete sentence    
  12. B.12  Complete the sentences    
  13. B.13  Use of right end mark    
  1. C.1  Identifying noun    
  2. C.2  Identifying nouns(animals-homes)    
  3. C.3  Complete the sentence with a noun    
  4. C.4  Identification of noun in the sentence    
  5. C.5  Select the noun that matches the sentence    
  6. C.6  Identifying common noun    
  7. C.7  Identifying proper noun    
  8. C.8  Identifying animals and their babies(nouns)    
  9. C.9  Identify singular noun    
  10. C.10  Form regular plurals with -s and -es    
  11. C.11  Change nouns from singular to plural    
  12. C.12  Identifying countable and uncountable noun    
  13. C.13  Identification of collective noun    
  14. C.14  Select the possessive noun that matches the picture    
  1. D.1  Identify the pronouns    
  2. D.2  Usage of pronouns    
  3. D.3  Possessive pronouns    
  4. D.4  Use the correct possessive pronoun    
  5. D.5  Personal pronouns    
  6. D.6  Choose the correct personal pronoun    
  1. E.1  Use of have and has    
  2. E.2  Use of was and were    
  3. E.3  Use action verb    
  4. E.4  Usage of verbs    
  5. E.5  Complete the sentence with an action verb    
  6. E.6  One or more than one    
  7. E.7  Identifying and understanding tense    
  8. E.8  Select the sentence that tells about the present    
  9. E.9  Select the sentence that tells about the past    
  10. E.10  Select the sentence that tells about the future    
  11. E.11  Complete the sentence using the best verb    
  12. E.12  Complete the sentence with the best subject.    
  13. E.13  Pronoun-verb agreement: complete the sentence with the best verb    
  14. E.14  Pronoun-verb agreement: complete the sentence with the best subject    
  15. E.15  To have: use the correct form    
  1. F.1  Identifying adjectives    
  2. F.2  Identifying ajectives in a sentence    
  3. F.3  Use number words    
  4. F.4  Use sense words    
  5. F.5  Does the adjective tell you what kind or how many?    
  6. F.6  Compare pictures using comparative and superlative adjectives    
  1. G.1  Use of prepositions    
  2. G.2  Select the best preposition    
  3. G.3  Choose the preposition to complete the sentence    
  4. G.4  Select the best preposition to match the picture    
  5. G.5  Select the best preposition to complete the sentence.